Code Library

Code Library

#clsApp Routines

#clsRegOp Routines

  • RegOp Class for 64-bit VBA:

  • RegOp Quick Tip:

#clsStatus Routines

#CodeGeneration Routines

#Date Functions Routines

#DesignProcedures Routines

#FileFunctions Routines

  • Recursion Demystified: Creating Subfolders:

  • The Subtle Dangers of Dir():

  • Kill Failed? Let User Try Again:

  • Text Files: Read, Write, Append:

  • Unicode-Safe Filtered Filename Lookups:

  • Joining Paths in VBA:

  • Finding the Temporary Folder with VBA:

  • Getting a Temporary File Name with VBA:

  • Preventing File-Writing Race Conditions in VBA:

#FormFunctions Routines

  • My Dirty Little Secret:

  • Filling in the Blanks:

  • Why so lazy, Access?:

  • Clearing a List Box in Access:

  • Unicode-Friendly MsgBox:

  • Setting MultiSelect At Runtime:

  • PreviewReport Function:

  • The ArrowKeyNav Routine:

  • ComboBox Dropped Down State:

  • Get Form By Control:

  • Microsoft Access: Check if Form Object is a Subform:

  • Get Top Form By Control:

  • Combo Boxes and Target Sizes:

  • Avoiding the Error "invalid reference to the property CurrentRecord":

  • How to Highlight the Current Record in a Continuous Form:

#ReportFunctions Routines

  • Nothing To See Here:

#SqlServer Routines

  • Pushing Field Comments to SQL Server:

#StringFunctions Routines

  • Quoth thy SQL? Evermore!:

  • Come Together:

  • Part and Parse()-l:

  • Now you have two problems:

  • Converting Numbers to Text:

  • A Function to Quote Literal Dates When Building SQL in VBA:

  • How to Remove Special Characters from a VBA String:

  • Reading Text Aloud in Microsoft Access:

#we Classes Routines

#WindowFunctions Routines

  • Fun with Form Windows:

  • Get Back Here, Form!:

  • Get a Handle on Window State: