Quickly List the Properties of an Object in Access

Here's a quick and dirty procedure to iterate through an Access object's Properties collection.

Quickly List the Properties of an Object in Access

Many objects in the Office object model include a Properties collection, including the following objects in Microsoft Access:

  • Database
  • Form
  • Report
  • QueryDef
  • Control

Here's a quick routine that loops through an object's Properties collection, outputting the index, name, and value of each property to the immediate window.  This is a handy debugging tool.

The Code

Public Sub ListProperties(obj As Object)
    Dim i As Long
    For i = 0 To obj.Properties.Count - 1
        On Error Resume Next
        Debug.Print Right("   " & i, 4); " ";
        Debug.Print Left(obj.Properties(i).Name & Space(30), 30); " ";
        Debug.Print obj.Properties(i).Value;
        'print a blank line every three rows to improve readability
        If i Mod 3 = 2 Then Debug.Print
        'pause the output after every 50 properties 
        '    as a quick and dirty form of pagination
        If i Mod 50 = 49 Then Stop  'press F5 to continue
    Next i
End Sub

Here's a sample usage:

This is just the first nine properties of my current database object (there were 50 total).

Image by Nile from Pixabay