Triple-State Modern On/Off Switch in Access

Yes, No, or I Don't Know (or Don't Care). With this updated design, you can offer your users a third option with your modern on/off switches.

Triple-State Modern On/Off Switch in Access

Friend of the blog Steve Halder from Halder Consulting sent me the following email (shared with permission):

When adding ModernOnOff to two application forms, I needed some additional functionality so I created the attached updated version of your design. Specifically, I needed to have a Triple State version on a form selecting field values to be searched and also needed to use different colors for use in a form header.

Steve has graciously allowed me to share his updated design with you:

Thanks, Steve!

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I recorded a YouTube video that demonstrates how to implement the Modern On/Off button feature that I wrote about yesterday.

All original code samples by Mike Wolfe are licensed under CC BY 4.0