RegOp Quick Tip

Be respectful of your user's registry. Store all your applications' settings in a dedicated publisher subkey.

RegOp Quick Tip

Windows Registry etiquette requires that we create a publisher subkey to store all of our program's settings.  

In my article yesterday, I published 64-bit API declarations for Romke Soldaat's RegOp class.  

Another modification I made to that class was to add a convenience function that provides for consistent usage of a dedicated publisher key along with the name of the current Access application.

Note: App.PgmName is a property of my clsApp singleton class

' Procedure : KeyXY
' Purpose   : Convenience wrapper to standardize storage of XY, Inc. program/user settings.
Property Let KeyXY(strProp)
    Key = "Software\Xanadu Yurts, Inc.\" & App.PgmName & "\" & strProp
End Property

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All original code samples by Mike Wolfe are licensed under CC BY 4.0