Archive Collection: Nothing

I'm on vacation (shh...don't tell anyone)! I'll be back soon, but until then enjoy today's curated collection of articles from the archive. Today's topic: Nothing...

Archive Collection: Nothing

From September 1, 2020, through April 27, 2024, I posted an article here every single day.  Beginning on April 28, 2024, I started slacking by taking off Sundays.  So, while my daily streak has been broken, I still have an automated weekly email that goes out every Sunday morning and includes details of the last six articles I've posted. (You should sign up for it if you haven't already; just hit the [Subscribe] button above.)

In other words, I still need to post a new article every Monday through Saturday or my weekly email doesn't work right.  I'm currently on vacation, though, which makes maintaining this streak a bit...tricky.

I don't want to be writing and publishing articles on vacation.  And I still want to provide you with something of value to read each day.  So I settled on creating a series of curated article lists that I think you'll find beneficial.

I'm hoping at least some of these articles are ones you haven't read before.  And if you're so obsessed with me that you have read all my articles, I'm hoping that they'll keep you busy enough that you don't come looking for me and my family 😳.  


The Many Forms of Nothing in VBA

An Article About Nothing
This one’s for the nihilists. We explore the many ways to express the concept of nothingness in VBA.

Much Ado About Nothing
An in-depth look at the Nothing keyword in VBA: when you need it; when you don’t; and one technique to avoid it altogether.
Working with Null in Microsoft Access
Let’s explore the many ways to check for, handle, and store Null values. Spoiler alert: the best way to do it varies between VBA and SQL.
The vbNullString Constant in VBA
What is the vbNullString constant in VBA and how does it differ from a simple empty string (”″)?
The vbNullChar Constant in VBA
What is the vbNullChar constant in VBA and how does it differ from vbNullString?
Working with Empty in VBA
A deep dive into the Empty keyword in VBA: why it exists, how to check for it, when it makes sense to check for it, and--most importantly--how NOT to check for it.
The Missing Keyword in VBA
Wondering what the IsMissing() function is all about in VBA? We’ll explore that plus all the ins and outs of the VBA keyword that isn’t: Missing.

All original code samples by Mike Wolfe are licensed under CC BY 4.0