Archive Collection: Debugging

I'm on vacation (shh...don't tell anyone)! I'll be back soon, but until then enjoy today's curated collection of articles from the archive. Today's topic: Debugging.

Archive Collection: Debugging

I've been writing a daily article here since September 1, 2020; that's over 1,200 articles.  I haven't missed a day yet, and that includes Christmas and Easter. I'm currently on a family vacation, which makes maintaining this streak a bit...tricky.

I'm writing this in the present tense, but I'm writing it for future publication with links to past articles.  Let's hope the time-space continuum holds up.

In any case, as the slacker Firstie says to the Stony Lonesome Gate guard twenty minutes before Taps, let me get to the Point.  I've got a daily publishing streak to keep up.  But I don't want to be writing and publishing articles on vacation.  And I still want to provide you with something of value to read each day.  So I settled on creating a series of curated article lists that I think you'll find beneficial.

I'm hoping at least some of these articles are ones you haven't read before.  And if you're so obsessed with me that you have read all my articles, I'm hoping that they'll keep you busy enough that you don't come looking for me and my family 😳.  



Written Rubberducking: My Debugging Superpower
While rubber ducks make good code buddies, they make even better pen pals.
Written Rubberducking: A Practical Example
A practical example of the written rubberducking technique taken straight from our FogBugz issue tracking software.
How to Set a Breakpoint Inside of an Access Query
Did you ever want to set a breakpoint inside of an executing query? How about inside a form event property? This trick lets you do it.
Watch Expression
A deeper than necessary dive into the exact expression evaluation behavior of the basic “Watch Expression” in VBA.
3 Ways to Run the Best Low-Level Windows Debugging Tool
A surprising number of thorny Access performance issues can be resolved with this venerable tool. Here’s how to get started with Process Monitor.
JetShowPlan: A Primer
You may be familiar with JetShowPlan, but I guarantee you’ve never read an article about it quite like this one.

SQL Server Troubleshooting

Troubleshooting SQL Server Connection Errors
“SQL Server does not exist or access denied.” One error. Dozens of possible causes. Read on for a bunch of practical troubleshooting tips.
B-BEAR: Quick and Dirty SQL Server Testing
Begin, Before, Execute, After, Rollback. This technique makes testing your SQL Server statements a snap.
Advanced Server-Side SQL Server Query Troubleshooting
The XEvent Profiler in SSMS is a powerful troubleshooting tool, but what happens when the standard sessions are not enough? We need to customize...
Using PowerShell to Provide TCP Port Details of Running SQL Server Instances
A PowerShell script that returns useful debugging information about the TCP port details of running instances of SQL Server.
Quick Way to Troubleshoot SQL Server ADO Connections
This simple trick provides you with plenty of clues when debugging a failed SQL Server connection on a user’s computer.
Creating a Low-Privileged Local User for SQL Server Testing
It can be difficult to test how an Access application with a SQL Server backend behaves for a low-privileged user. Creating such a user account is step one.

Making Best Use of the VBA IDE

Dark Mode in VBA
VBA may not have a preset “Dark Mode” like other modern development environments, but it’s not hard to create one yourself.
Shortcut Key to Comment/Uncomment Blocks of Code in VBA
You don’t need 3rd-party tools to add keyboard shortcuts for commenting and uncommenting code blocks in VBA with this trick.
Customizing the VBA Debug Toolbar
There are some very handy commands that VBA does not expose by default. Here’s a step-by-step guide to customizing the Debug toolbar in VBA.
Debugging Private Procedures
After more than 14 years as a VBA developer, I recently discovered that you can debug private procedures without temporarily making them public!
Find the Yellow Highlighted Line When Debugging in VBA
Did you ever lose your place while debugging in VBA? Here’s an easy way to find it.
How to Show Hidden Items in the VBA Object Browser
One possible fix for the “Cannot jump to ‘|’ because it is hidden” error is to show hidden members in the VBA object browser.
Inspecting the End of a Long Variable Value in VBA
You know how VBA cuts off the right side of a really long variable when inspecting its value via mouse hover? Did you know you can show the right side instead?
VBA Immediate Window Line and Character Limits
Don’t take my word for it (or anyone else’s on the internet, for that matter). Prove the limits to yourself with some simple VBA.
Select Entire Sub or Function in VBA with a Double-Click
Yet another hidden feature of the VBA editor that eluded me for more than fifteen years.
Select Entire Module in VBA With Control + Click
Learn 4 different ways to select the entire contents of a VBA module, plus a bonus keyboard shortcut tip for switching between two active code modules.

Additional Reading

Debugging - No Longer Set
Tips, tricks, and techniques for solving those programming “murder mysteries” where you are both the murderer and the detective.

All original code samples by Mike Wolfe are licensed under CC BY 4.0