Select Entire Sub or Function in VBA with a Double-Click

Yet another hidden feature of the VBA editor that eluded me for more than fifteen years.

Select Entire Sub or Function in VBA with a Double-Click

I had been programming in VBA for over 15 years before I learned this trick (yesterday).

If you double-click in the left margin of a procedure block in VBA, the entire procedure will get selected.  

I knew that a single-click in this area would select an entire line, but somehow I never noticed that double-clicking would select the whole thing.  Check out the demo below:

Don't Feel Left Out

If, like me, you have been writing code in VBA for years and didn't know this feature existed, don't feel too bad.  We're in good company.

I first learned about this when KarlSevenSeven introduced it as a feature request for twinBASIC.  Apparently, he had also just learned about it on a forum only a few days earlier.  Several of the VBA/VB6 experts over there (including twinBASIC creator himself, Wayne Phillips) were not aware of this feature either:

It's amazing how something so simple could have been overlooked by so many developers for so many years.  

It makes you wonder what else might be out there... 🤔

External References

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