twinBASIC Weekly Updates

The twinBASIC weekly updates now have their own dedicated tag on, making it easier to find the other twinBASIC articles.

twinBASIC Weekly Updates

I've decided to follow my own advice with regard to Signal vs. Noise.

Before today, every article I wrote about twinBASIC I assigned a "twinBASIC" tag.  That included my How To articles alongside my weekly updates.  Over time, though, the weekly updates far outnumbered the other twinBASIC articles.  The weekly update articles lose their value fairly quickly, while the other articles are more evergreen.

To address this, I'm splitting my twinBASIC articles into two different tags:

The two links above will take you to the respective tag pages, which include a full listing of every associated article.  

The page you are reading right now is tagged as "twinBASIC."  Its main purpose is to provide a link between the original "twinBASIC" tag page and the "twinBASIC Weekly Update" tag page.

The upshot is that now when I direct readers to my "twinBASIC page," it takes them to a page with evergreen(-ish) content without the clutter of seeing the weekly updates.

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twinBASIC Weekly Update - No Longer Set
The twinBASIC Weekly Update is published every Sunday. I highlight notable changes to the project over the previous seven days, provide updates on twinBASIC discussions around the web, and include the project changelog. It’s a great way to follow along with the next revolution in BASIC programming…
twinBASIC - No Longer Set
twinBASIC is a modern version of the classic BASIC programming language, with the goal of providing 100% backward compatibility with existing VB6 and VBA projects.

All original code samples by Mike Wolfe are licensed under CC BY 4.0