The Secret to a Profitable Career as an Access Consultant

It may not be flashy, but it is effective.

The Secret to a Profitable Career as an Access Consultant

"Real" software developers have nothing but contempt for Access "developers."

  • "VBA is for n00bs!"
  • "Use a real programming language."
  • "Hey Access guy, the 90's are calling. I hope your answering machine is turned on."
  • "Did you implement that cutting edge fax integration yet?"

With all the better programming languages and web frameworks available today, why would anyone waste their time with Access?

Instead, young developers are constantly bombarded with messages to stay away from VBA and Microsoft Access:  

"Learn JavaScript so you can help the next unicorn write yet another no-code online database in the hopes of an IPO that will make the founders rich."
"Create Yet Another Social Media App™ to hasten the downfall of Western democracy."
"Help burn through VC money faster than Cheech Marin trapped in a grow house armed with nothing but a Zippo."

Alternatively, you could spend about two minutes not writing code and learn about what businesses actually need and then just...write it for them.  

You know who won't be impressed by your Access and VBA skills? The Silicon Valley code bros.  You know who will be impressed absolutely blown away by even basic coding skills, though?  The small business owners whose business problems you can solve.  

And you know what happy small business owners do?  They write checks to people who help them solve problems.

So what's the secret to a profitable career as an Access consultant?

Focus on solving business problems, not on developing software.

All original code samples by Mike Wolfe are licensed under CC BY 4.0