HOW TO: Install twinBASIC

The latest step-by-step instructions for installing twinBASIC (aka, Visual Basic 8).

HOW TO: Install twinBASIC

Looking to give twinBASIC a try?  Here are the simple steps to install twinBASIC:

  1. Go to the twinBASIC Releases page on GitHub
  2. Click on the Assets label for the latest numbered release
  3. Click on the file name
  4. Right-click the downloaded zip file and choose "Properties"
  5. Check the box to [√] Unblock the file
  6. Click [OK]
  7. Right-click the downloaded zip file and choose "Extract All..."
  8. Browse for a location to extract the files then click [Extract]
  9. Double-click the twinBASIC.exe file to run the IDE (no install needed!)
  10. Create a new project from the New tab OR
  11. Start with a template from the Samples tab
  12. Check out my full collection of twinBASIC How-To articles for more info

Note: The IDE requires the WebView2 runtime as the development environment uses the HTML-based Monaco code editor.  The WebView2 runtime comes preinstalled with Windows 11 and certain Windows 10 software, such as Office 365.  If you don't have it, you can download it here:


For all you visual learners out there:

1. Visit the twinBASIC Releases page
12. Check out all my twinBASIC articles

NOTE: The unblocking steps (4-6) may not be necessary, but I prefer to remove the Mark of the Web (MotW) from downloaded files that I trust. You never know when some Windows utility or anti-virus software will behave strangely when handling files with the MotW.

Installation History

Since its initial (pre-?)alpha release in April of 2021, the steps to install twinBASIC have evolved.  

Here is a brief history of the twinBASIC installation process:

  • Install VS Code and then get the twinBASIC VS extension (NOTE: development on the twinBASIC VS Code extension has been suspended until at least 2023)
  • Download a zip file from the bottom of Github issue 772
  • Download a zip file from the Github Releases page

As the installation process continues to evolve over time, this page will remain updated with the latest step-by-step instructions for installing twinBASIC.

All original code samples by Mike Wolfe are licensed under CC BY 4.0