Edge-Based Browser Control Officially Released

It's officially here. The new Edge-based web browser control for Microsoft Access is now Generally Available for Microsoft 365 versions 2304 and later.

Edge-Based Browser Control Officially Released

A few months ago, Microsoft began rolling out the modern Edge-based browser control to Beta and Insider builds:

New Edge Browser Control Now Available in Preview and Beta Versions of Microsoft Access
It’s finally (almost) here. The new Edge Browser control is finally available for testing in Insider versions of Microsoft 365.

The Edge browser control is now in production on builds 16.0.16327.20214 and greater.  If you are on the Current build of Microsoft 365, you should be able to update to the latest version to see the new feature.

To check your current version of Access and update to the latest available version, go to File > Account:

You need to be on Version 2304 (Build 16327.20214 or later) to see the new Edge-based browser control.


Reference: EdgeBrowserControl Object VBA Reference

General Information: Use the Edge browser control on a form


Joe Jimenez, the lead developer of the new Edge-based browser control, described the features of the new control and demonstrated its capabilities at a recent monthly meeting of the Denver Area Access Users Group.  The section on the browser control begins at the 30:42 mark of the recording:

For more information on using this new control, check out the following video from fellow Access MVPs Maria Barnes, George Hepworth, and Colin Riddington:

All original code samples by Mike Wolfe are licensed under CC BY 4.0