Archive Collection: DevCon 2023

I'm on vacation (shh...don't tell anyone)! I'll be back soon, but until then enjoy today's curated collection of articles from the archive. Today's topic: DevCon 2023.

Archive Collection: DevCon 2023

I've been writing a daily article here since September 1, 2020; that's over 1,200 articles.  I haven't missed a day yet, and that includes Christmas and Easter. I'm currently on a family vacation, which makes maintaining this streak a bit...tricky.

I'm writing this in the present tense, but I'm writing it for future publication with links to past articles.  Let's hope the time-space continuum holds up.

In any case, as the slacker Firstie says to the Stony Lonesome Gate guard twenty minutes before Taps, let me get to the Point.  I've got a daily publishing streak to keep up.  But I don't want to be writing and publishing articles on vacation.  And I still want to provide you with something of value to read each day.  So I settled on creating a series of curated article lists that I think you'll find beneficial.

I'm hoping at least some of these articles are ones you haven't read before.  And if you're so obsessed with me that you have read all my articles, I'm hoping that they'll keep you busy enough that you don't come looking for me and my family 😳.  


Access DevCon Vienna 2023

The next Access DevCon conference will take place virtually via Microsoft Teams on April 18 - 19, 2024.  For more information and to subscribe to the mailing list for registration details and updates, visit the official Access DevCon Vienna page.

Day 1

Access DevCon Vienna 2023 - Day One Recap
A brief recap of the six sessions on Day 1 of Access DevCon Vienna, the premiere annual English-speaking Microsoft Access global conference.
twinBASIC Update: DevCon 2023
Links and resources from my talk today at Access DevCon Vienna 2023, twinBASIC + Access: Future Plans.
Microsoft Access - Latest Innovations and the Road Ahead - Access DevCon 2023
The Microsoft Access team provides updates on Code Signing, Dataverse, In-App Messaging, the Edge Browser Control, and future development priorities.
Documentation Update from Jeff Conrad
Microsoft content manager Jeff Conrad provides a surprisingly interesting behind-the-scenes look at how Access documentation is created and managed.
Northwind 2.0: The Access Database Template You’ve Been Waiting For
It only took 30 years, but Microsoft Access finally has a set of templates showcasing the best of what Access and its community of experts have to offer.

Day 2

Access DevCon Vienna 2023 - Day Two Recap
A brief recap of the five sessions on Day 2 of Access DevCon Vienna, the premiere English-speaking Microsoft Access global conference.
Access in an Azure VM
Denver Area Access User Group president, George Young, provides a blueprint for how to move your existing Access applications to the cloud.

Additional Reading

DevCon - No Longer Set
Recaps and related news from the world’s largest English-speaking Microsoft Access conference: Access DevCon Vienna.

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