Week in Review: June 17, 2023

Highlights include an article about the future of AI and work, inventory management and string functions in Northwind 2.0, and form templates.

Week in Review: June 17, 2023

Just Published

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New to Me

This section includes content I discovered this week that has been around for awhile.

I'm a big fan of metaphors and I especially liked this one from the article:

I once heard someone describe the process of piquing interest as building a bridge. The way bridges were built in the old days was by using a bow and arrow with some thread tied to the end of the arrow.

Once the arrow was shot across the valley, a person on the other side of the valley would retrieve the arrow and pull on the thread that was attached to it. At the end of the thread there was some string.

The person would then pull on the string and at the end of the string there was some rope. That rope was strong enough to move materials back and forth and you could then build a bridge, eventually meeting in the middle.

But a rope strong enough to build a bridge is too heavy to throw all the way across the valley.

The same is true with sales.

Upcoming Access User Group Events

NOTE: Only English-language user group meetings with scheduled guest speakers or topics are listed.  For a complete list of upcoming events, visit the Access User Group event calendar.

Access Roadmap

There were NO CHANGES to the roadmap between the last Week in Review (2023-06-10) and this one (2023-06-17).

The development priorities were last updated on October 12, 2022.

Listed below is a snapshot of the official Access Roadmap.

"In Development", "Rolling Out", and "Launched" are Microsoft terms that I pulled straight from the public roadmap.

"Development Priorities" do not appear on the Access Roadmap.  Instead, they get updated from time to time in official Access blog posts.  I'll include a link to the official Access blog post that lists the current development priorities as they get updated.

Development Priorities

The items listed below reflect Microsoft's order of priority and were published in the following article, Our Road Ahead - Microsoft Access Engineering Priorities Oct 2022.

New priorities added since the previous set of priorities are shown in bold below.  Dropped priorities are struck through.

  1. Continued Focus on Monthly Issue Fixes (Monthly Issue Fix Blog)
  2. Inconsistent Database Error Fix
  3. New Macro Signing Support
  4. New (Modern) Web Browser Control (to support Chromium Edge)
  5. Dataverse Connector Data Type Support for Floating Point
  6. Dataverse Connector Data Type Support for Rich Text
  7. Dataverse Connector support to export to a specific Dataverse solution or publisher
  8. Enabling Large Address Aware (LAA) for 32-Bit Access
  9. SQL Monaco Editor
  10. New Microsoft Graph Data Connector

In Development

  • APR 2023: Modern Web Browser Control
  • MAR 2023: New Modern Web Browser Form Control

Rolling Out




All original code samples by Mike Wolfe are licensed under CC BY 4.0