Week in Review: July 9, 2022

Highlights include code to activate a specific ribbon tab, a deep dive into the innards (and dangers) of multivalue fields, and--yes--more Access bugs.

Week in Review: July 9, 2022

Just Published

This section includes videos, articles, and interesting discussions from the past 7 days.




  • Crystal Long (YouTube channel)
    - Dependent Combobox (4:19): Combobox in Access where values are Dependent on another Combobox (cascading) ~ DataPig
    - Combobox (2:53): Setting up Combobox on an Access Form in Design View ~ DataPig
    - Calendar Control (6:12): Setting up the Access ActiveX Calendar Control ~ DataPig
    - Align Control (3:41): Aligning and Sizing Controls on Access Forms ~ DataPig
    - Slider Control (7:37): Step by step set up and usage of the ActiveX Slider Control for Access ~ DataPig
  • Richard Rost (YouTube channel)
    - Triple State (10:49): Using Triple State Check Boxes in Microsoft Access
    - Gray Out Fields (10:50): How to Gray Out Fields Based on A Selected Value in Microsoft Access Forms
    - Beginner 2, Lesson 7 (5:21): Coming Up Next in Beginner Level 3...
    - Beginner 2, Lesson 6 (25:12): Questions From Students, Custom Ribbon, Access on Mac, More
    - Product Catalog (30:34): Creating a Product Catalog Report in Microsoft Access with Multiple Images (Pictures) Per Record
    - Developer 38 (5:36): VBA for Multivalued Fields, Images in Form Columns. Image Gallery.
  • Pharos Technology [Dr. Richard Hanson] (YouTube channel)
    - Updateable Queries (5:18): Using Updateable Queries, Know the Rules
    - Splitting the Database (6:05): Improve Multi-user Performance by Creating a Front and Back End

New to Me

This section includes content I discovered this week that has been around for awhile.

Upcoming Access User Group Events

NOTE: Only English-language user group meetings with scheduled guest speakers or topics are listed.  For a complete list of upcoming events, visit the Access User Group event calendar.

Access Roadmap

There were NO CHANGES to the roadmap between last week (2022-07-02) and this week (2022-07-09).

Listed below is a snapshot of the official Access Roadmap.  

"In Development", "Rolling Out", and "Launched" are Microsoft terms that I pulled straight from the public roadmap.  

"Development Priorities" do not appear on the Access Roadmap.  Instead, they get updated from time to time in official Access blog posts.  I'll include a link to the official Access blog post that lists the current development priorities as they get updated.

Development Priorities

The items listed below reflect Microsoft's order of priority and were published in the following article, Changes to Our Public Roadmap and How We Communicate Access Feature Priorities.

  1. Inconsistent Database Error Fix
  2. New (Modern) Web Browser Control (to support Chromium Edge)
  3. Enabling Large Address Aware (LAA) for 32-Bit Access
  4. SQL Monaco Editor
  5. New Microsoft Graph Data Connector

In Development


Rolling Out



  • MAY 2022: Access Dataverse Connector
  • JAN 2021: Access: ODBC Interface Support (without ACE Redistributable Engine)
  • JAN 2021: Access: DAO Interface Support (without ACE Redistributable Engine)

All original code samples by Mike Wolfe are licensed under CC BY 4.0