vbWatchdog v4 Released

Version 4 of vbWatchdog just got released. If you don't already own a license for it, you should. And if you do, you should upgrade before August 31, 2022.

vbWatchdog v4 Released

vbWatchdog changed my life as a VBA developer.

I went from a typical procedure that looked like this:

Sub MyRoutine()
    On Error Goto MyErrorHandler

    'Some code 

    Exit Sub 
    Select Case Err.Number
    Case Else 
        HandleError Err.Number, Err.Description, Errors 
    End Select 
    GoTo ExitRoutine 
End Sub 

To one that looks like this:

Sub MyRoutine()
    'Some code
End Sub

And the best part is the second version now provides me with more detailed error information than the first.  If you haven't already, I highly encourage you to read all about my Error Handling Evolution.

New Features

I write about this now because Wayne has just released a new version of vbWatchdog.  

Version 4 includes several under-the-cover changes:

  • The vbWatchdog .msi and .dll's are now code signed (to help avoid false positives from antivirus software)
  • Certain visual elements now work better with high-DPI screens
  • The code gets compiled with better compiler optimizations
  • A couple of minor bug fixes

Personally, I'm much more excited about the new ErrEx properties that were added:

  • ErrEx.HostPath
  • ErrEx.HostVersion
  • ErrEx.ProcessUsername
  • ErrEx.ProcessID
  • ErrEx.ProcessThreadID
  • ErrEx.ProcessUptime
  • ErrEx.SystemUptime
  • ErrEx.SysInfoCPUID
  • ErrEx.SysInfoOSVersion
  • ErrEx.SysInfoPhysicalRam
  • ErrEx.SysInfoPhysicalRamUsed
  • ErrExCallstack.IsWithinFinallyBlock

License/Upgrade Costs

The cost of a Single developer license with Basic support is $215.  

There are additional costs for:

  • 1 year of priority support and updates
  • VB6 projects

If you already have a license for SimplyVBA v1 or vbWatchdog v2/v3, be sure to upgrade now as there is a 50% discount for existing customers through 31 August 2022.  (After that time, the usual 40% upgrade discount will apply.)

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All original code samples by Mike Wolfe are licensed under CC BY 4.0