Throwback Thursday: June 27, 2024

Today's edition of Throwback Thursday is all about naming things, one of the two hard problems in computer science.

Throwback Thursday: June 27, 2024

With over a million words scattered across more than 1,300 articles on this blog, you've probably missed a few things here.

That’s why each week in "Throwback Thursday," we’ll revisit some standout posts. Expect a blend of my personal favorites, insightful articles from other great minds, and a touch of coding humor to keep things light.

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Naming Conventions Matter: Making Wrong Code Look Wrong
Joel Spolsky and Antonin Scalia join forces to help illustrate the importance of sensible code naming conventions.
Database Date Field Naming Convention
Naming is hard. When it comes to naming conventions, the key is to keep things simple. Here’s how I like to name the date and time fields in my databases.
Enum Type Naming Convention
The combination of “IntelliSense overload” and “global identifier case changes” convinced me I needed a different approach.
My File System Variable Naming Convention for VBA
“SourcePath” may be one of the worst variable names ever written. Is it the full path to a source file? Is it the folder where my source files are located?

Wisdom from Around the Web

Making Wrong Code Look Wrong
Way back in September 1983, I started my first real job, working at Oranim, a big bread factory in Israel that made something like 100,000 loaves of bread every night in six giant ovens the size of…

Developer Humor

There are 2 hard problems in computer science: cache invalidation, naming things, and off-by-1 errors.
- Leon Bambrick

Source: Two Hard Things, by Martin Fowler

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