Size Matters

Testing your program for small screens? You could change your own monitor's resolution, but that gets annoying real fast. Here's a better way.

Size Matters

If you're like me, the monitor on your development machine has a much higher resolution than many (all?) of your users.  It's easy to forget about users with less screen real estate when designing an interface on a massive monitor.

How do you know what your program will look like on a smaller screen?  You could change your screen's resolution temporarily.  But that gets annoying real fast.

My solution, once again, was to turn to AutoHotkey.  I created a script where I could preconfigure some common screen resolutions.  When I want to see what an application looks like at a lower resolution, I simply click on the application to give it the focus, then right-click on my script's icon to choose one of those preconfigured resolutions.  The active window is immediately resized to the new resolution and centered on screen.

Pick a size, any size

This bit of code will add a submenu to the  right-click menu of your script's notification area icon.  The script should be self-explanatory.  To customize it, you just add or remove the "Menu, ResizeWin..." lines.

#Persistent  ; Keep the script running

; Build Menu
Menu, ResizeWin, Add, 1920 x 1080, ResizeWindow
Menu, ResizeWin, Add, 1280 x 1024, ResizeWindow
Menu, ResizeWin, Add, 1366 x 768, ResizeWindow
Menu, ResizeWin, Add, 1024 x 768, ResizeWindow
Menu, ResizeWin, Add, 800 x 600, ResizeWindow
Menu, Tray, Add, Resize Window, :ResizeWin

Return  ; Prevent automatically resizing the current window when the script is launched

StringSplit, Dims, A_ThisMenuItem, x
Msg =
if (A_ScreenWidth < Dims1)
    Dims1 := A_ScreenWidth
if (A_ScreenHeight < Dims2)
    Dims2 := A_ScreenHeight
X := (A_ScreenWidth - Dims1) / 2
Y := (A_ScreenHeight - Dims2) / 2
If (X < 0)
    X := 0
If (Y < 0)
    Y := 0
Send !{ESC}
WinRestore, A
WinMove, A, , %X%, %Y%, %Dims1%, %Dims2%
ToolTip, Window resized to %Dims1% x %Dims2%
SetTimer, RemoveToolTip, 5000 

SetTimer, RemoveToolTip, Off

UPDATE (11/23/2020): Thanks to Anders Ebro (@TheSmileyCoder) for pointing out some bugs in the original script I posted.  I incorporated the fixes into the code sample.  I'll try to be more careful about testing my code standalone before posting in the future ;-)

Image by Photoshot from Pixabay

All original code samples by Mike Wolfe are licensed under CC BY 4.0