Richard Rost: Newest Access MVP

The Access video king is back on the MVP rolls. Richard Rost earned the MVP award for the third time and his first since 2015.

Richard Rost: Newest Access MVP

I'm happy to announce the newest* Microsoft Access MVP is Richard Rost.

*Richard previously earned the award in 2014 and 2015, so I believe that means JuanJo Luna is still technically the baby of the group 😉.

If you're a regular Week in Review reader, you'll no doubt recognize Richard's name.  He's by far the most prolific Microsoft Access video creator.  He posts a new video almost every weekday on his YouTube channel.  And those are just the free ones.

Here's his bio from his official Microsoft MVP page:

Computer Learning Zone is a small technology education firm based in Cape Coral, Florida dedicated to helping people get the most from their computers, and Microsoft software, specifically. My primary focus is Microsoft Access. You can read more about me at

Richard joins the ranks of roughly 20 other Microsoft Access MVPs worldwide. (Officially, we're "M365 Apps & Services" MVPs–not "Access MVPs"–presumably because Microsoft doesn't want to risk being accused of actually supporting Access...🙄)

The Access Video King

Richard's YouTube channel has over 200K subscribers. And for good reason.  

Most of his free videos focus on introductory topics (his paid videos often explore his free topics in greater depth).  While there are plenty of introductory Access videos available on the web, I'm always leery that the people producing them don't understand the nuances of the software–or basic relational database design, for that matter.

Richard Rost is the real deal, though.

Before he became a full-time Access instructor and video creator, he was an Access consultant.  I watch many of Richard's videos when I put together my Week in Review article.  I always come away impressed with how he conveys important concepts in terms that new users can understand.

His approach gets new users started quickly with Access without setting them up for failure later as their projects and applications grow more complex.

Congratulations, Richard.  You've earned it.

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Computer Learning Zone
Computer Learning Zone specializes in making video tutorials to teach you how to learn Microsoft Access, Word, Excel, Windows, and much more. Learn more about us and sign up for more free lessons at Richard Rost was awarded Microsoft MVP in 2014 and 2015. He has been a computer c…
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