Report Annoyances

Five things I hate about the default behavior of DoCmd.OpenReport.

Report Annoyances

There are many little things that annoy me about the default report behavior in Access.  Here's a brief list.  I'll address each item in more detail in future articles.

This list applies to the default behavior of DoCmd.OpenReport:

  1. Auto-Print: Opening a report sends it directly to the printer with no on-screen preview
  2. Wrong Data: If you call OpenReport on a report that's already open, Access doesn't apply the new criteria to the report
  3. Unwarranted Errors: When you cancel report opening in the OnNoData event, Access raises an error
  4. Cascading Maximize: If you open a report from a windowed form, maximize the report, then close it, the windowed form from which you opened the report gets maximized
  5. Missing OpenArgs: Prior to Access 2007, OpenArgs was not supported for the OpenReport method

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay