Office Ribbon Development Resources

Links to resources and ribbon builders for VBA developers who want to add a professional touch to their applications with custom ribbon interfaces.

Office Ribbon Development Resources

Microsoft introduced the ribbon user interface in Office 2007.

Fast forward fifteen years and there are still shockingly few good resources for building custom ribbon interfaces.  My goal with this page is to gather links to all the best resources in a single place.  If you know of additional resources not listed here–or if any of my links go dead over time–please let me know in the comments below.

And, now, on to the content!

Microsoft Documentation

Gunter Avenius

When I first started developing ribbon user interfaces, Gunter Avenius's site was invaluable.  I think he still has the best collection of articles for Access ribbon developers anywhere on the internet.

Ribbons for Access 2007 / Access 2010 – Welcome
Access 2007 Ribbon Website * Access 2010 Ribbon Website * Home of Ribbon Creator

Ron de Bruin

If you are more of an Excel developer, you may want to check out Microsoft Excel MVP Ron de Bruin's site.

Ribbon and Quick Access Toolbar pages

Other Documentation

No Longer Set Ribbon Articles

All of my current and future articles related to the Office ribbon are available on my "Ribbon" tag page:

Ribbon - No Longer Set
Information about customizing the Microsoft Office Fluent Ribbon interface.

Third-Party Ribbon Builders

I have never used any of these third-party ribbon builders.  

However, I know (and trust) the work of some of the authors (e.g., AccessUI Ribbon & Tree Builder).  In other cases, they come implicitly recommended by those I trust (e.g., the Office RibbonX Editor).

AccessUI Ribbon & Tree Builder

This is a free utility from friend of the blog and former Microsoft employee Kevin Bell.

AccessUI - Ribbon & Tree Builder
Quickly build Ribbons and Treeviews for Microsoft Access.

Office RibbonX Editor

This open source project from Fernando Andreu gets the seal of approval from Ron de Bruin himself, so I trust that it's worth looking into.

"If you want to insert RibbonX into a Excel 2007 and up workbook to change the Ribbon, then I suggest you download and install the free Office RibbonX Editor created by Fernando Andreu to make this a lot easier"
  -Excel MVP Ron de Bruin
GitHub - fernandreu/office-ribbonx-editor: An overhauled fork of the original Custom UI Editor for Microsoft Office, built with WPF
An overhauled fork of the original Custom UI Editor for Microsoft Office, built with WPF - GitHub - fernandreu/office-ribbonx-editor: An overhauled fork of the original Custom UI Editor for Microso...


This shareware/freemium option comes from the aforementioned Gunter Avenius.  Based on the quality of his Access ribbon articles linked above, I'll go out on a limb and guess that this is a similarly-high quality tool.

Office 2019 RibbonCreator – RibbonCreator 2019
Office 2019 Ribbon Website * Home of RibbonCreator 2019

Easy Ribbon Builder

This commercial product is specifically aimed at Excel consultants.  I'm not at all familiar with its developer, but it is another available option.  I assume you could use it to build a ribbon for Access, but it looks like you would need to use Excel to design and build the ribbon itself.

Easy Ribbon Builder
Fastest way to make custom Excel ribbons. Can be done within minutes by anyone. Advanced features can also be customised. No CustomUI.xml and No XML coding required.

All original code samples by Mike Wolfe are licensed under CC BY 4.0