My Top 10 Allen Browne Posts

If you're a Microsoft Access developer and you've never heard of Allen Browne, then you are in for a treat...

My Top 10 Allen Browne Posts

I have a four-year computer science degree from the US Military Academy at West Point, but the bulk of my foundational Access knowledge came from one man: Allen Browne.

While Allen's site has not been updated in over ten years, I still feel it is the best one-stop shop on the internet for people of all abilities, with curated tips for "Casual Users", "Serious Users", and "Programmers."

Every article on Allen's website is top-notch, but these ten are my favorites:

  1. Problem names and reserved words in Access
  2. Common query hurdles / Why is my query read-only?
  3. Common Errors with Null
  4. Subquery basics / Surviving Subqueries
  5. Extended DLookup() / Extended DCount()
  6. Intelligent handling of dates at the start of a calendar year
  7. Soundex - Fuzzy matches
  8. Reports: a blank line every fifth record
  9. Failures caused by Name AutoCorrect
  10. Why I stopped using Yes/No fields

What about you?  What are your favorite Allen Browne articles?  Let me know down under in the comments (pun intended–Allen's an Aussie).

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Allen is still actively blogging, just not about Access.

All original code samples by Mike Wolfe are licensed under CC BY 4.0