Microsoft MVP Summit 2024

Engaging with the Access team, exploring the future of VBA, and advocating for the Access community.

Microsoft MVP Summit 2024

As a Microsoft Access MVP, I have the privilege of attending the annual Microsoft MVP Global Summit. This event provides a unique opportunity to engage with the Access development team, learn about the latest developments, and exchange ideas with fellow MVPs. In this post, I'll share some insights about the Summit and its significance for the Access community.

The Evolving Nature of the Summit

This is my third MVP Summit since being named an MVP at the end of 2021.

Before the pandemic, the MVP Summit was an in-person event held at Microsoft's headquarters in Redmond, Washington. However, during the pandemic, the event shifted to a virtual-only format. Since 2023, the Summit has adopted a hybrid approach, offering both in-person and virtual participation options.  

I attended the virtual-only Summit in 2022.  Last year and this year, I'm attending in person.  

Engaging with the Access Development Team

One of the most valuable aspects of the Summit is the direct interaction with the Access development team.

We have the chance to discuss the product's future, provide feedback, and advocate for the needs of the Access community. The event is held under a non-disclosure agreement (NDA), which means we get access to the latest information from Microsoft, including announcements that have not yet been made public. While some of this information must remain confidential, there are insights that can be shared with the broader audience.

The Summit also provides an excellent platform for exchanging ideas with fellow Access MVPs. Collaborating with this talented group of individuals helps us stay at the forefront of Access development and better serve our respective communities.

Key Questions for the Access Team

During this year's Summit, I plan to ask the Access team several important questions:

  1. What does the recent release of "New Outlook"—which lacks VBA support—mean for the long-term viability of VBA in the Office ecosystem?
  2. Given Microsoft's recent announcement to end support for Publisher with less than three years' notice, is Access at risk of sharing a similar fate? What factors differentiate Access from Publisher in terms of long-term support?
  3. Can we advocate for a dedicated VBA area of focus within the Microsoft MVP program? Many feature requests for Access, such as improving the VBIDE and code editing experience, are outside the control of the Access team.


Attending the Microsoft MVP Summit provides invaluable insights into Microsoft's overall direction. For example, the 2023 Summit heavily focused on AI, which was subsequently reflected in Microsoft's public moves. As an Access MVP, I strive to bring the knowledge and insights gained from the Summit back to the Access community.

I encourage readers to post any questions they may have for the Access team in the comments section below. While I cannot guarantee that I will ask every question, I will carefully consider them and pose the most valuable ones to the team during the Summit.

Stay tuned for more updates from the Microsoft MVP Summit!

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