Learn VBA From a Master

Philipp Stiefel is on a very short list of people who I would pay to teach my employees how to write VBA.

Learn VBA From a Master

I have some pretty strong opinions about how to write proper VBA.

Last year, I hired two recent college computer science graduates.  Neither was new to programming, but both were new to VBA.  I spent a bit of time teaching them VBA, but nowhere near as much as I would have liked.  What I wanted was to jump start them with a course that would set them up for success as VBA developers.

The problem is I didn't know which courses (or instructors) I could trust.

I also didn't have the time to vet them all one by one.  That's why, when I received the email announcement from Philipp Stiefel recently that he would be offering a VBA course, I was one of the first in line to buy it.

About the Instructor

I've referenced Philipp in many of my articles on this site (24, as of writing).

He's written what I consider the authoritative article on converting 32-bit VBA code to run in 64-bit VBA:

Windows API declarations in VBA for 64-bit
How to convert your API Declarations to 64-bit. - Common myths debunked, key factors explained!

A great article on VBA "compilation" and the Access /decompile switch:

The /decompile switch for Microsoft Access
Background information on VBA code compilation and the /decompile switch.

A deep dive into sending emails from Access using multiple techniques:

Access & Email

Plus, an answer to all some of your memory woes with his article on how to enable the Large Address Aware flag in VBA (it's faster than waiting for Microsoft...):

The /LARGEADDRESSAWARE (LAA) flag - Remedy for out-of-memory errors
How to apply the /LARGEADDRESSAWARE (LAA) flag to the MsAccess.exe to get rid of out-of-memory and resources exceeded errors.

OK, you get the idea.  Philipp knows his stuff.

About the Course

Philipp offers two courses:

  • Learning VBA Programming
  • Debugging VBA Code

Note that the material in the Debugging course is included in the first one, so it wouldn't make sense to purchase both (Philipp confirmed this).  

If you are new to VBA, you'll want the "Learning VBA Programming" course.  If you are a seasoned VBA developer looking to brush up on your debugging skills, the "Debugging VBA Code" course should be more your speed.

You can sign up for Philipp's courses on his Teachable site:


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I just wanted to be clear about that.  

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