Sneak Peek: Modern Access Charts

A slew of new chart options is coming soon to Microsoft Access. Check out this video excerpt from DevCon Vienna 2024 to learn more.

Sneak Peek: Modern Access Charts

At Access DevCon Vienna 2024, the Microsoft Access team provided an update on two exciting new features under active development:

To help promote these forthcoming features, DevCon Vienna host Karl Donaubauer is releasing excerpts from Microsoft's presentation on these two topics to the general public.  Karl released the first video a few days ago and just recently released this one.

Modern Access Charts

Taken directly from the Microsoft slides, here are the new chart types that will be added to Access:

  • Scatter Chart
  • Doughnut Chart
  • Radar Charts
  • Box-Whisker Chart
  • Area Charts
  • Funnel Chart
  • Bubble Chart
  • Word Cloud Chart (maybe)

Modern Chart Improvements

In addition to the new chart types, there are other enhancements on the way:

  • New Font Orientations
  • Granular Customizability of Chart Elements
  • Dynamic Tooltips & Gridlines

The video is available on Karl Donaubauer's YouTube channel:

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All original code samples by Mike Wolfe are licensed under CC BY 4.0