How Many People Use Microsoft Access?

Anecdotal estimates vary wildly. After scouring the internet, I've only found one (semi-) official number. And it's probably a lot higher than you think.

How Many People Use Microsoft Access?

It depends on who you ask:

  • "Real" Software Developers: "Nobody"
  • IT Directors: "Too many"
  • Excel Power Users: "Wait, there's another database application in Office besides Excel?!?!"
  • Professional Access Developers: "Way more than you think"
  • Official Microsoft Sources in 2024: <crickets>
  • Official Microsoft Source* in 2020:  "11,000,000 monthly active customers"

*Source: Ebo Quansah, former Microsoft Access product manager (emphasis mine):

Ebo Quansah Bio from Access Cascade Conference (Oct. 16-17, 2020)

Ebo is an end-to-end product manager of Microsoft Access, Microsoft’s database management system with over 11 million monthly active customers. Ebo works in close partnership with the team of Access software developers to manage their backlog, develop new features and prioritize the roadmap. He’s a driver of Access community connections through customer engagement and user group presentations.
Screenshot for posterity. Click image to visit source page.

Ebo Quansah LinkedIn Profile

- Microsoft Access: Revitalized this database management system (with over 11 million monthly users) by enhancing its feasibility, modernizing the UX/UI, and fostering new cloud adoption (Microsoft Power Platform, SQL Azure). This work not only improved product functionality, but also significantly boosted customer engagement across the Office platform.
Screenshot for posterity in case Ebo updates his profile in the future.

Note: Special thanks to Access MVP Karl Donaubauer for providing me with links to the only semi-official Microsoft Access user counts available online.

All original code samples by Mike Wolfe are licensed under CC BY 4.0