twinBASIC at Access DevCon Vienna 2024

Join me at Access DevCon Vienna 2024 for my presentation on creating MZ-Tools-style VBIDE addins using twinBASIC.

twinBASIC at Access DevCon Vienna 2024

For the fourth consecutive year, I will be presenting an update on the twinBASIC project at Karl Donaubauer's annual Access DevCon Vienna conference.

Here's the announcement text from the conference agenda page:

Custom Add-In Creation with twinBASIC: Tailoring Your VBA IDE to Your Workflow

Each year at DevCon, we've seen twinBASIC evolve, leading to one burning question: "What can twinBASIC do for me as an Access developer?" This year, we're not just answering that question — we're putting the power in your hands with a step-by-step process for building a VBA IDE add-in. Imagine if you could build an add-in like MZ-Tools using nothing more than your existing VBA knowledge. With twinBASIC, you can!

In this year's session, you'll experience:

•  A brief update on new features and the status of twinBASIC.
•  A real-world application of twinBASIC, creating an MZ-Tools-style VBA IDE add-in.
•  Installing and using the add-in on other machines.

By the end of this session, you’ll be equipped with the knowledge to use twinBASIC to build your own VBA IDE add-ins, to share them with other developers, and to install them on your other development machines.

Conference Details and Registration Info

Conference Date and Location

The event takes place on April 18+19, 2024.  It will be online only in Microsoft Teams.

Karl and his conference team (fellow Access MVPs Peter Doering and Philipp Stiefel) do a phenomenal job with technical support and keeping to the schedule.  Online-only conferences are hit and miss when it comes to execution, but DevCon Vienna is one of the best run conferences I've been a part of.

Registering for Access DevCon Vienna

The cost of the conference is 108 Euros (about $118 USD based on the conversion rate as of writing).

To join me and the other speakers for the premier Microsoft Access conference, you can register here: DevCon Vienna 2024 Registration.

All original code samples by Mike Wolfe are licensed under CC BY 4.0