Throwback Thursday: June 20, 2024

Today's edition of Throwback Thursday is all about query tuning in Microsoft Access.

Throwback Thursday: June 20, 2024

With over a million words scattered across more than 1,300 articles on this blog, you've probably missed a few things here.

That’s why each week in "Throwback Thursday," we’ll revisit some standout posts. Expect a blend of my personal favorites, insightful articles from other great minds, and a touch of coding humor to keep things light.

Highlights from

This week, we dig into the vault for one of my most thorough deep dives on a little-known tool for debugging query performance in Microsoft Access: Jet Show Plan.  The tool is most effective when working with back-end data stored in Access, but can be used with other back-ends, too.

JetShowPlan: A Primer
You may be familiar with JetShowPlan, but I guarantee you’ve never read an article about it quite like this one.

And, if you've got an hour to kill and nothing better to do, here's a presentation I gave to the Denver Area Access User Group on several different techniques you can use to tune query performance in Microsoft Access:

Troubleshooting Query Performance
A recording of the presentation, a list of resources, and further reading for my presentation on Troubleshooting Query Performance.

Wisdom from Around the Web

Query optimization tips from the legendary Allen Browne:

Microsoft Access tips: Optimizing queries
How to get JET (the database engine in Microsoft Access) to execute queries quickly

Developer Humor

A DBA walks into a bar, sits by himself at a table, and says, "Mind if I join you?"

I'll show myself out now...

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