Quick Tip: Emoji Lookup in Windows

Looking for the fastest way to look up and insert emojis in Windows? This shortcut makes it quick and easy.

Quick Tip: Emoji Lookup in Windows

Use [ Win ] + [ ; ] (Windows key + semicolon key) to bring up the emoji lookup in Windows.

Without having to use the mouse, you can immediately begin typing a description of the emoji that you want to insert.  As you type, the available emojis will be filtered for you.  

While the popup screen is shown, you can use arrow keys to navigate until you find the emoji you want.  Once selected, press [Enter] on the keyboard to insert the emoji.  The popup screen stays up so that you can insert additional emojis.  If you begin typing again, the filter resets.

Here are the key strokes to insert a soccer ball:

[Win] + [;]  [B] [A] [L] [L] [↓] [←]

It's a delightful user experience.

More than just emojis

In addition to the standard emojis, the tool also includes:

  • Old-school text-based emojis:  ;-)   ^_^   :-P
  • Math symbols:  ⅐   ∑   ∞
  • Currencies:  £   ¢   €
  • And much more

Now, go forth and emoji!


( •_•)>⌐■-■


All original code samples by Mike Wolfe are licensed under CC BY 4.0