DevCon Vienna 2024 Public Session Recordings

Check out the recordings of my twinBASIC Update and Colin Riddington's Advanced Form Designs from Access DevCon Vienna 2024.

DevCon Vienna 2024 Public Session Recordings

Every year following Karl Donaubauer's Access DevCon Vienna conference, he publishes a small sampling of the presentations.

He doesn't publish all the sessions; it's a paid event after all.  The paying attendees do get recordings of every presentation along with any other relevant presenter materials.

I presume he shares the sessions for two primary reasons:

  • As a marketing tool to whet the appetites of prospective future DevCon Vienna attendees, AND
  • As a community service to the wider Microsoft Access community

His public releases of my annual twinBASIC sessions land firmly within that second reason.  twinBASIC is the most exciting thing to happen in the VBA world since the introduction of 64-bit support which was introduced with...[checks notes]...Office 2010.  And anything that generates excitement in the world of VBA is–by extension–a positive thing for Microsoft Access.

So, without further adieu, here are 2024's publicly released Access DevCon Vienna presentations, along with their original outlines from the DevCon website.

You can REALLY do all that with Forms?

Presented by Access MVP Colin Riddington

A wide ranging series of tips and tricks to enhance the functionality of your forms in Access. Topics include:

a) Highlighting
Current control / current record / selected column / filtered columns / required fields / search results / entire form

b) Continuous Forms
Add multiselect filter / Paint Me Transparent / Hide duplicate values / Hide, restore, freeze, move & resize columns

c) Datasheet Forms with buttons / search etc

d) Other
Click Me & I Disappear / Dictation / Stop forms opening from Nav Pane / Move and resize borderless forms / Animation, transparency & fade / remove background / rounded corners / scrolling & flashing text

YouTube: You can REALLY do all that with Forms?

Custom Add-In Creation with twinBASIC: Tailoring Your VBA IDE to Your Workflow

Presented by Access MVP Mike Wolfe (<– Hey, that's me!)

Each year at DevCon, we've seen twinBASIC evolve, leading to one burning question: "What can twinBASIC do for me as an Access developer?" This year, we're not just answering that question — we're putting the power in your hands with a step-by-step process for building a VBA IDE add-in. Imagine if you could build an add-in like MZ-Tools using nothing more than your existing VBA knowledge. With twinBASIC, you can!

In this year's session, you'll experience:

•  A brief update on new features and the status of twinBASIC.
•  A real-world application of twinBASIC, creating an MZ-Tools-style VBA IDE add-in.
•  Installing and using the add-in on other machines.

By the end of this session, you’ll be equipped with the knowledge to use twinBASIC to build your own VBA IDE add-ins, to share them with other developers, and to install them on your other development machines.

YouTube: Custom Add-In Creation with twinBASIC: Tailoring Your VBA IDE to Your Workflow


Thanks as always to Karl (along with co-hosts Peter Doering and Philipp Stiefel) for organizing a fantastic event and making these two session recordings available to the public.

All original code samples by Mike Wolfe are licensed under CC BY 4.0