Bug Fix: RefreshLink

A fix for an error that impacted some users with linked SQL Server tables was announced in Microsoft's latest monthly bug fix roundup.

Bug Fix: RefreshLink

A couple of months ago, I wrote about a bug that was affecting users with linked SQL Server tables who used the RefreshLink method:

RefreshLink Bug: “Primary key already exists”
Workarounds, status updates, and forum discussion links for the RefreshLink bug from the fine folks at AccessForever.org.

Apparently, this issue has been fixed since version 2402, but I somehow missed that when it first appeared.  In any event, if you are still experiencing this error, be sure that you are on a current release channel and that you are running Access Build #16.0.17425.20138 or greater.

The bug was reported as fixed in the latest monthly bug fix roundup from Microsoft:

Access Releases 11 Issue Fixes in Version 2403 (Released March 27th, 2024)
In this blog post, we highlight some of the fixed issues that our Access engineers released in the current monthly channel. If you see a bug that impacts you,..

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