AccessImagine: ActiveX Picture Control for Access

If you are building an image-rich data application with Microsoft Access, you can save yourself a lot of development time with a third-party tool like AccessImagine.

AccessImagine: ActiveX Picture Control for Access

If your Access application will be heavily dependent on photographs, you may want to consider investing in a third-party tool to save yourself some development headaches.

One such tool is AccessImagine.  Rick Hanson of Pharos Technology mentioned this tool in his recent Denver Area Access Users Group (DAAUG) presentation, Building a Used Book Business with Microsoft Access Automation.

Real World Usage

Rick wrote a custom Access application that his son uses to manage a used book business.  This is no hobby side project, though.  While the business started small, it has grown to include an inventory of over 100,000 used books.  This is a mission-critical application running a real-world business.

The presentation is interesting all on its own, but the thing that caught my attention the most was the streamlined photo integration in Rick's Access application.  It appeared that AccessImagine played a prominent role in facilitating that integration.

While I've never used the control myself, I would strongly consider it for a future image-heavy project.

More Information

For more information, refer to Dr. Rick Hanson's video, Taking Pictures in Microsoft Access Databases:

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